BIS GCHS Wildest Dream Genuine Rock N Roll, CD RA (HIT)
Ron and Rocco, what a team! GROUP 3
We are super excited to see what this year brings for this handsome boy.
Jo Fink Tina Bailey
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Yay Rocco! Our new Silver Grand Champion! So far he's won Breed 3 days in a row at the Working dog club of Arizona, at the State fairgrounds in Phoenix. He's back and having fun! Jo Fink Tina Bailey
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I may have spoke to soon about puppy season being over. It appears that we are still feeding one little puppy mouth too many. 🙂 John ... See MoreSee Less

It looks like "puppy season" is about to come to an end and the "puppy play pen" that sets so prominently in our living room and dining room areas of our home will soon becoming down. It will likely re-appear sometime this Summer. Having puppies is fun, and having them spend their first 10 weeks in the center of our crazy home is unmatched (in my opinion) for preparing them for their new homes, however, it will be nice to reclaim our home from puppy land. We are again so very grateful for the fantastic families (some of which traveled so very far) that have become part of our Wildest Dream family. We couldn't be more pleased. We had two families drive from Texas to get their puppy, 1 fly in and drive home to Nevada, 2 fly in from California and carry their puppy back home in the cabin of the plane, 2 New Jersey families (but not Bruce Springsteen, he's probably too busy for a puppy) and a variety from the quad state area. As always we were very excited that we were able to place Wildest Dream puppy number two in a few homes this Winter as well. No greater compliment to a breeder. A special thank you to everyone that has helped socialize our puppies as well as helped out with picture day. ... See MoreSee Less

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Wildest Dream Swissies
Too good to keep on the Wildest Dream Swissies page alone. Love that kiss at the end! Great job putting the video together Rufus. It is just fun to watch!
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Wildest Dream Swissies Holiday 2017 Video